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ITIJ, Nov 21 2019 – Thanksgiving Travel Trends

ITIJ, Nov 21 2019 – Thanksgiving Travel Trends

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Squaremouth has shared some interesting Thanksgiving travel trends

The online travel insurance price comparison website said that a main concern for US travelers this year is having the ability to cancel a trip.

This is due to financial concerns and/or work reasons and seems to indicate an awareness of growing austerity. In fact, according to Squaremouth, traveler interest in being able to cancel a trip if they are unexpectedly unable to take time off work has increased by 50 percent.

In addition, this year, multiple travel suppliers have declared bankruptcy, and this seems to have had an affect on travelers, with 280 percent more looking for protection if their travel supplier declares insolvency.

Another interesting trend observed by Squaremouth is an increase in visits to international destinations. Indeed, there has been an average increase of 63 percent to top destinations, including Jamaica, which is the fourth most popular destination for Thanksgiving travelers, with holiday travel to the country having tripled since last year.

France has also grown in popularity, with a 145-percent increase in US visitors this Thanksgiving travel season. Italy, too, is more popular this year (a 105-percent increase), even though travelers are spending 73-percent more on their trips to this country, making it this year’s most expensive Thanksgiving destination.

But the most popular destination for US travelers this Thanksgiving remains … the US itself. And it has even increased in popularity by 12 percent. Travelers are spending less on their domestic trips this year, though, with an average cost of $2,464.

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