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ITIJ, Oct 29 2018 – Meeting customer expectations

ITIJ, Oct 29 2018 – Meeting customer expectations

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Persuading potential insureds to read and engage with travel insurance policy wording is another uphill struggle, Morrison said, arguing that independent specialist travel insurers may be better able to address the issue. “There are strategies to better and more clearly communicate to consumers to build trust. It’s possible, but it’s difficult for a large insurer to do it, due to competing internal priorities,” he told ITIJ. “Most travel insurers are part of large behemoth insurance companies which owe allegiance to shareholders, not customers, hence their reputation for declining claims or slowing the process just to frustrate the customer into giving up. Some of us, like Holiday Rescue, are trying to change that image by making our policies easy to read and making our websites easy to use, but it’s a long, slow slog to turn around the ship of public perception that has been ingrained for decades.”

But that isn’t everyone’s perception. Travel insurers are actually winning the battle, suggested Jenna Hummer, Director of Public Relations at the US travel insurance review and comparison site Squaremouth, who sees indications that – in the US at least – insurers are successfully shaking off negative consumer perceptions that stereotype them as cumbersome entities that are slow to process and settle claims and are generally frustrating to deal with. “In the US, we consistently see high customer satisfaction ratings from consumers purchasing policies from providers on our site, which features comprehensive search filters, side-by-side comparison and in-depth product information.” Hummer said. “We have collected over 60,000 reviews from our users and can confirm that the customer experience is generally positive. Our Zero Complaint Guarantee allows us to mediate the claim process between consumers and providers. This gives us in-depth insight into the customer’s experience and the ability to confirm that claims are handled in a timely fashion to the customer’s satisfaction.”

All of Squaremouth’s customers have access to a mobile-friendly platform that offers them 24-hour emergency assistance, Hummer added: “We’ve seen a consistent drive for technology innovation across the industry, specifically with mobile apps.”

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