Forbes, July 10 2016 – How To Avoid One Of The Biggest Travel Insurance Mistakes

Published by Megan Singh July 11, 2016

Based on my work at Squaremouth, an online company that compares travel insurance products, I’ve found that you may be able to buy travel insurance covering pre-existing conditions without paying more or filling out a special application. It’s all about timing.

How Travel Insurance Defines Pre-Existing Conditions

You’re likely familiar with the term “pre-existing condition” as it relates to health insurance, but travel insurance defines it a little differently. In travel insurance terms, a pre-existing condition is typically defined as an “injury, sickness or condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received” during what’s known as the “lookback period.” This lookback period is typically two to six months before the policy’s coverage effective date.

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