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LA Times, July 24 2020 – Does travel insurance matter anymore? What you need to know now

LA Times, July 24 2020 – Does travel insurance matter anymore? What you need to know now

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Coverage can and will change after a big event

You may not be traveling now, but know for the future that a world-shaking event can change your coverage options, so find out what’s new.

For example, “Terrorism benefits weren’t typically offered … in policy coverage,” said Kasara Barto, representative for SquareMouth, a travel insurance aggregator that lets you compare policies. Then it became top of mind, and now the terrorism benefit is common, she said.

If you’re worried about pandemics going forward — and who won’t be? — check to see whether that’s now a covered reason.

Fine print is a necessary evil

Being told to “read the fine print” isn’t quite as bad as being in the ninth circle of hell, but you need to know what’s there and what isn’t.

Get familiar with “covered reasons,” key to getting your insurance reimbursement. If you peruse your policy, think about not only what is covered but also about what is not.

What’s not covered is just as important

Some of the reasons you probably won’t find in a general travel insurance policy: I’m too scared to go, I don’t want to get sick, my boss hates me and is looking for any excuse to fire me, I’m worried about the health of my dog, cat, goldfish, whatever.

That’s where cancel-for-any-reason insurance, or CFAR, comes in, which is what it says it is (although some dispute whether it’s really insurance). You could always count on that in a pinch.

Read the full LA Times article online here: https://www.latimes.com/travel/story/2020-07-24/does-travel-insurance-matter-anymore-what-you-need-to-know-now