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Local Company Buys Apple Watch for Every Employee

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL May 4, 2015 – Local company, Squaremouth, believes success is a result of happy employees. Company perks include quarterly profit shares, unlimited paid vacation, and a birthday beer bonus with a mandatory day off, but Squaremouth also finds new and fresh ways to motivate employees. This month, it came in the form of a bulk order of Apple Watches, one for each employee.

Squaremouth is headquartered in downtown St. Petersburg. Their website,, compares travel insurance policies. The decision to buy the Apple Watches came just weeks after the company wrapped up their Thank You Campaign, in which they gave away $30,000 to outstanding customer service providers in St. Petersburg.

“We want our employees to have fun and work hard, and we reward them when they do,” explains Squaremouth Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Harvey.

This isn’t the first time the company surprised its staff with an unexpected gift. In 2011 and 2013, Squaremouth purchased new iPads for each member of their team. The company also gives employees the opportunity to reward each other through their raise request process. Anytime anyone wants a raise, they present their case to the group, who then votes in favor for, or against, the raise. This unique approach to company culture has gained Squaremouth many awards, including the Best Place to Work and Coolest Office Space by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Vanessa Culver, Squaremouth’s newest hire, was asked her watch preference before her first day. “What blew me away was not only their generosity, but that they were willing to make such an investment in me as a future employee, before I even started,” said Culver.

Every employee will receive an Apple Watch Sport, with their choice of size and color. They were purchased on pre-order day, with the first shipments arriving at the company’s Florida and Indiana offices on launch day.

“There has been a buzz in the office since the watches began arriving,” says Brandi Morse, a long-time Squaremouth employee, still waiting for her watch to arrive. “The whole experience has served as one giant boost in morale.”

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