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Los Angeles Times, Feb 1 2016 – Should you avoid travel to areas affected by the Zika virus?

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“A travel health alert is not considered a covered reason for the trip cancellation benefit, nor is ‘fear’ of traveling due to contracting the virus,” Rachael Taft, content manager for Squaremouth.com, an insurance comparison site, said in an email. “Travelers who want to cancel a trip to one of the affected areas out of fear of contracting the virus would not be covered on standard travel insurance policies. Only the cancel-for-any-reason upgrade would allow travelers to cancel for this reason.”

If airlines and cruise ships can accommodate changes, why not travel insurance?

“Unlike airlines and cruise lines, travel insurance providers are unable to ‘ease’ the terms and conditions of their policies,” Taft said. “This is because they are legal contracts, and it is illegal to pay a claim for a loss that is not stated as ‘covered’ within the policy.

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