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Measles Outbreak: Travel Insurance Coverage Widely Available for Concerned Travelers

Measles Outbreak: Travel Insurance Coverage Widely Available for Concerned Travelers

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. April 9, 2019 — The recent measles outbreak has accelerated in the U.S. and now spans 19 states, with most cases stemming from one of the world’s top travel hubs, New York City. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, answers five common questions about travel insurance coverage for travelers concerned about contracting measles.

Can I still purchase coverage for measles?

Currently, all of the providers and products on can provide coverage for travelers who are concerned about contracting the measles virus before or during their trip. Travelers can purchase a policy to include both the Trip Cancellation and Emergency Medical benefits as long as they are healthy and have not been exhibiting symptoms or diagnosed with measles when the policy is purchased.

Coverage for measles will remain available on travel insurance policies unless the outbreak worsens, causing it to become an epidemic or pandemic. At that point, some travel insurance providers may consider contracting it as foreseeable and exclude it from coverage under their policies.

What if I get measles before my trip?

The Trip Cancellation benefit can refund travelers who become ill and need to cancel their trip. In order to be covered, they must provide medical documentation from a licensed physician prohibiting travel.

What if I get measles while on my trip?

Travelers who become sick during a trip may be covered by the Emergency Medical benefit for related hospitalization and treatment costs, including Medical Evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility, if medically necessary.

Can I cancel my trip if I’m afraid of contracting measles at my destination?

Fear of contracting measles is not a covered reason to cancel a trip under standard Trip Cancellation policies. However, travelers who purchase the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade can cancel for a reason that is not otherwise covered, such as fear of contracting the virus.

Can I still get coverage if my child isn’t vaccinated?

Travel insurance providers do not require travelers be vaccinated in order to be covered. Children as early as 14 days can be insured under a policy, 12 months before they are eligible for the measles vaccine.

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