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Nasdaq, Dec 7, 2020 – Travel Insurance For A Student’s Semester Abroad

Nasdaq, Dec 7, 2020 – Travel Insurance For A Student’s Semester Abroad

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Pandemic Coverage for a Student Studying Abroad

The pandemic creates a greater need for travel insurance and the right coverage for medical emergencies. In addition, some international destinations have new and evolving medical insurance requirements for incoming.

“These requirements can be covered by certain travel insurance policies and can provide coverage for the full length of their trip,” explains Kasara Barto, a spokesperson for Squaremouth, a travel insurance provider.

These travel insurance policies include medical evacuation coverage that can provide transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility—and even back home if the treating physician deems it necessary.

Since the mandatory coverage amount can vary by country, make sure to confirm the requirements of the destination. Squaremouth recommends a minimum of $100,000 in emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage to account for COVID-19 related medical care and evacuation expenses.

A final tip for students traveling abroad: Barto at Squaremouth notes that the cost of tuition for a study abroad program is not something that can be insured on a travel insurance policy, as it is not considered a trip cost.

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