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Nerdwallet, Sept 22, 2020 – How to Find Travel Insurance That Offers COVID Coverage

Nerdwallet, Sept 22, 2020 – How to Find Travel Insurance That Offers COVID Coverage

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Finding travel insurers covering COVID-19

Generally, the policies underwritten by U.S.-based travel insurance providers vary by state, trip information, traveler’s ages and other various details. Travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth is one of the very few comparison sites that allows you to filter by policies that offer coronavirus coverage.

To find a policy that specifically covers coronavirus-related losses, input your departure and return dates, your main destination and select “Search for Policies Now.”

In our example, we will input the following details: A $3,000 paid-in-full trip to Greece leaving on Oct. 9 and returning on Oct. 18 by a 40-year old U.S. citizen who is a resident of California. The policy will include trip cancellation coverage.

When incorporating the “Coronavirus Pandemic” filter, the results reveal that 40 out of 84 policies include this coverage. You can select additional filters, such as cancel for any reason, if you’re looking for that optional upgrade.

The results can be sorted by price, top sellers, top reviews and insurance providers, offering plenty of ways to easily search for the specific policy you’re looking for.

Each of the top three policies (which is just a sampling of the 40 options) includes coronavirus cancellation and medical coverage, and displays the associated limits. Trip cancellation coverage is $3,000, representing the value of the trip. The price of the policy is clearly stated and ranges from 4.1% to 5.4% of the total trip cost. This range represents very typical travel insurance costs.

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