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Squaremouth Advises Travelers To Review Limitations of Terrorist Coverage Before Purchasing Travel Insurance

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL July 24, 2012 -The 2012 Summer Games in London are expected to draw massive crowds, including millions of spectators, athletes and coaches. Unfortunately, such crowds present a potential target for terrorists. As many prepare to travel to London to watch the events, Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison website, has experienced an increase in questions regarding terrorism coverage. If trip plans are disrupted due to a terrorist attack, could travel insurance help recover losses?

According to Squaremouth’s Product Manager, Josh Walker, many travel insurance policies include coverage for terrorism. However, he warns, there are stipulations to be aware of.  “Many policies will only cover terrorism if an attack occurs in a city specifically listed on a traveler’s itinerary,” says Walker.  If a traveler’s destination is in the general vicinity of the attack, they may not have a claim. In addition, the incident must be an act of terrorism; political unrest, civil violence and war are not the same as terrorism.

If a terrorist incident occurs and a traveler’s policy includes coverage for terrorism, they may be able to make a claim under the policy’s trip cancellation or interruption benefit. “It is important for travelers to understand limitations of cancellation and interruption as they pertain to terrorism.” explains Walker. “Terrorist coverage does not insure against the threat of terrorism. In order to claim the benefit, there must have actually been an attack.”

Because they vary, travelers should review policies for any exclusions prior to purchasing. The certificates of all policies, which contain detailed information about benefits, are available on Squaremouth’s website. Squaremouth also provides customers with the tools to research and compare policies based only on the coverage they need.  If a traveler feels the limitations of terrorist coverage are too narrow to be of any value,  this benefit may not be worth buying.

Purchasing terrorism coverage to travel to the Summer Games may offer peace of mind to some; however, travelers should also know that London officials have taken great measures to prevent terrorism at this year’s events. A security task force of over 26,000 military troops and civilian officers has been assembled. Additionally, over $20 billion has been allocated to create the most extensive peacekeeping mission in Britain’s history. Event organizers are working hard to ensure that the games are a special, memorable event for everyone, free of terrorist activities.

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