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Squaremouth Announces Top Travel Insurance Providers for the Third Quarter 2013

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL October 31, 2013 – Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, announced its top-selling travel insurance providers for the third quarter of 2013. Seven Corners captured the top spot selling 2,360 policies, equating to 17.40% of all policies sold by Squaremouth.

CSA Travel Protection was the number two provider, selling 2,097 policies and advancing three spots year-over-year.

TravelSafe ranked third with 11.30% of policies sold by Squaremouth, nearly doubling their third quarter sales from the previous year.

Travel Insured International retained their spot, selling 1,329 policies. RoamRight rounded out the top five with 1,318 policies sold.

Squaremouth also ranked insurance providers by the overall amount of premium sold during the third quarter. Premium is an insurance term meaning the cost of a policy.

CSA sold $566,588.66 in premium, capturing 20% of overall travel insurance sales on

Travel Insured International ranked second, selling $446,613.00.

Seven Corners took third with $430,313.75, followed by TravelSafe, selling $322,554.00 in premium during this timeframe.

Travelex Insurance Services retained their spot from the previous year, selling $238,852.75.

Third Quarter Top-Selling Travel Insurance Providers by Total Number of Policies Sold
1. Seven Corners – 2,360 policies sold
2. CSA Travel Protection – 2,097 policies sold
3. TravelSafe – 1,533 policies sold
4. Travel Insured International – 1,329 policies sold
5. RoamRight – 1,318 policies sold

Third Quarter Top-Selling Travel Insurance Providers by Total Amount of Premium Sold
1. CSA Travel Protection – $566,588.66 (20% of overall sales)
2. Travel Insured International – $446,613.00 (15.63% of overall sales)
3. Seven Corners – $430,313.75 (15.06% of overall sales)
4. TravelSafe – $322,554.00 (11.29% of overall sales)
5. Travelex Insurance Services – $238,852.75 (8.36% of overall sales)

About Squaremouth
Squaremouth is a travel insurance comparison engine. Established in 2006, the company has grown from $1 million in sales to $12 million in 2013. Squaremouth is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. More info at

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