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Squaremouth Warns Travelers Impacted by Winter Blast of Their Travel Insurance Limits

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL February 8, 2013 – A powerful winter storm system is threatening to dump feet of snow across the Northeast this weekend. With some of the country’s busiest airports in the line of fire, Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, advises travelers how to apply travel insurance benefits when winter storms alter travel plans.

“This storm is going to ruin travel plans for so many,” says Squaremouth’s CEO, Chris Harvey. “Several travel insurance benefits can help during travel nightmares, you just have to know where to find them.”

When Leaving Home

A traveler’s home loses electricity or water
The threat of a mass power outage is not an uncommon circumstance in the face of a winter storm. Since blizzards often cause structural damage and strong wind gusts, power outages are a likely possibility this weekend. Some policies will cover travelers to cancel trips if their homes are left without power or water because of a natural disaster, like a blizzard.

Flights are delayed, causing missed connections
Missing a connecting flight due to weather is unfortunate, but missing a cruise departure because of a missed flight can be worse. It may cost even more to catch the next flight and then catch up to the port. Travelers can be reimbursed for those costs under the missed connection benefits. However, travelers should be aware of some stipulations. Missed connection benefits are subject to the limits listed in the policy. Some even have daily limits that restrict the amount of money travelers can be reimbursed.

Flights are cancelled
Winter storms are notorious for causing massive airport disruption, especially when flights are cancelled. Travel insurance may not help at the time of cancellation, but it can offer some relief by reimbursing travelers for expenses they paid that won’t be refunded. Travelers affected by this weekend’s winter storm should check to see if weather is covered under trip cancellation.

When Returning Home

Flights are delayed, causing travelers to get stuck overnight
Travelers may get stuck making overnight arrangements if this weekend’s weather causes extended flight delays. However, some travel delay benefits will reimburse travelers for additional accommodations, transportation and meal expenses they incur. However, travelers should be aware that while many travel delay benefits cover travelers on their way home, some only cover delays on the way to a destination.

A policy expires before a traveler is able to return home 
Weather delays not only cause travelers to miss portions of their vacations, but can also prevent them from returning home as scheduled. What if travel insurance coverage expires before a traveler gets home? Many providers will extend coverage of benefits either until a traveler reaches their final destination or until seven days after the originally scheduled return date.

About Squaremouth
Squaremouth is a website that compares travel insurance products from every major U.S. travel insurance provider. Established in 2006, the company has grown from $1 million in sales to $10 million in 2012. Squaremouth is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, with offices in Fort Wayne, IN. More information on Squaremouth and its network of providers can be found at

About our Zero Complaint Guarantee
The cornerstone of Squaremouth’s commitment to customers is their Zero Complaint Guarantee. If a customer feels their claim is handled unfairly, Squaremouth will mediate on their behalf. Any provider with a customer complaint that cannot be resolved with complete satisfaction will be removed from the website.

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