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Squaremouth Weighs in on Hurricane Sandy’s Airline Havoc

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL – October 29, 2012 – Hurricane Sandy is expected to hammer the Eastern seaboard early tomorrow with torrential rains and winds exceeding 90mph. In preparation for anticipated power outages and storm surges, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed, leaving countless travelers with expensive losses. According to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, travel insurance may ease the pain of airline cancellations and delays faced by travelers.

It is critical for travelers to understand that any policy purchased after October 23rd, when Sandy was named, will not provide coverage for losses associated with the storm. Travel insurance is designed to protect against the unforeseen; once a storm is named, it is no longer an unknown.

Alternatively, travelers with policies purchased prior to October 23rd may be able to claim cancellation, interruption, or delay benefits. “Travelers should check policies for hurricane and weather benefits, often listed under policy descriptions for cancellation and interruption,” says Squaremouth CEO, Chris Harvey. “In many cases, travelers can claim losses associated with disruptions in airline schedules.”

To claim cancellation or interruption, policies may require complete cessation of travel services, mandatory evacuations, uninhabitable destination accommodations, or damages to a traveler’s residence. Without necessary coverage triggers, travelers will be unable to make a claim. For example, the fear of traveling in poor conditions is not a covered event. Claims cannot be made if a traveler is simply concerned that a storm may hit their destination or disrupt their travels.

In the case of airline delays, travelers may be able to claim costs of accommodations, food, and local transportation incurred while waiting for rescheduled flights. However, many policies will require a minimum delay length in order to make a claim.

For those without insurance, this may be a reminder that unforeseen circumstances can put a wrench in travel plans. When traveling to or from areas prone to hurricanes, a travel insurance plan with weather benefits may safeguard against associated losses.

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