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Squaremouth’s 5 Quick Tips for Travel Insurance During Hurricane Season

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL June 3, 2013 – With an extremely active hurricane season approaching, travelers should know how to avoid potentially devastating financial losses when storms disrupt travel plans.

Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, has released these five quick tips for purchasing travel insurance coverage during hurricane season.

1 – All policies are different

Not all travel insurance policies cover losses associated with hurricanes. When selecting a policy, look for hurricane and weather coverage under the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits. Pay attention to the different ways these benefits are defined. Some may simply cover inclement weather that disrupts travel arrangements. Others may only provide coverage if travel delays last at least 48 hours.

2 – Insurance won’t cover what “could” happen

A hurricane must directly affect travel arrangements for claims to be paid. Travelers won’t be able to claim based on their worries or fears that something bad might happen. Similarly, there would be no grounds for cancellation.

3 – Don’t wait until it’s too late to buy

If a storm has already been named, it’s too late to purchase a policy. One of the most important elements of hurricane and weather coverage is when you buy. Nearly every travel insurance provider requires that travelers purchase a policy before a storm is named to be covered for Trip Cancellation.

4 – Get the reasons for delay in writing

If flight reservations are cancelled or if a hotel is uninhabitable because of a storm, make sure to get the reason for delay or cancellation in writing. Travel insurance providers require this documentation to justify payment of claims. The more supporting documentation the traveler has, the more likely the insurance provider will pay the claim.

5 – If all else fails, try the ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ option

If it looks like bad weather will make for an unenjoyable vacation, ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ coverage is also an option. Although the benefit can be an expensive upgrade to a policy, it can help travelers recoup a portion of lost travel expenses no matter what reason a traveler has for cancelling a trip. Travelers can receive about 75% reimbursement of trip costs in most cases. Keep in mind, this benefit requires travelers cancel a trip at least 48 hours before departure.

“Understand what coverage you have before you leave home,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “The claims process is much easier when you know what’s covered and what you’ll need to prove a loss.”

About Squaremouth

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The cornerstone of Squaremouth’s commitment to customers is their Zero Complaint Guarantee. If a customer feels their claim is handled unfairly, Squaremouth will mediate on their behalf. Any provider with a customer complaint that cannot be resolved with complete satisfaction will be removed from the website.

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