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Squaremouth’s Travel Insurance Tips for Cruisers This Wave Season

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL January 26, 2013 – As with any type of vacation, there’s a lot that can go wrong on a cruise. Missed departures, cancellations and ship-wide virus outbreaks are a few of the headaches cruise-goers can run into.

According to Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, travel insurance may help travelers sidestep some of these situations. Here are some important points to consider when insuring a cruise in 2013.

1 – Think twice before purchasing a policy through the cruise line
Travelers should be wary of purchasing travel insurance through a cruise provider. Just because they offer travel insurance doesn’t mean they’re offering the best deal. Oftentimes, travelers find cheaper policies that cover more by shopping around.

“Travel insurance from a cruise line does not fit all travelers,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “When you don’t have the option to choose, you run the risk of overspending and under insuring.”

2 – Consider weather benefits
When planning a cruise this wave season, travelers may want to consider selecting a policy that includes hurricane and weather benefits. If bad weather causes cancellations or delays in travel plans, a cruiser would have the option to cancel a trip and be reimbursed for vacation costs. However, there are varying degrees of weather coverage. Some policies require the complete cessation of a common carrier in order for weather benefits to be claimed, while others allow cancellation for any kind of inclement weather.

3 – Review missed connection coverage
If a cruise departure is missed due to bad weather or other airline delays, missed connection benefits may reimburse travelers for expenses related to catching up to the scheduled trip. There are, however, exclusions to be aware of.

“These benefits won’t cover some common causes of missing a connection, like running late or getting stuck in traffic,” warns Harvey.

4 – Medical evacuations might be expensive
The biggest difference between cruises and land vacations is that when a traveler encounters a medical crisis aboard a ship, they are further away from available treatment. While cruise ship medical facilities are increasingly more sophisticated, they may not be able to adequately treat all scenarios. Medical evacuations can be even more expensive when a traveler is at sea, so cruisers should look for at least $100,000 in coverage.

5 – Purchase early
Possibly the best advice a traveler can take is to purchase travel insurance early. Apart from making sure coverage is in place before bad weather arises or someone gets sick, purchasing early can also maximize the availability of other time-sensitive benefits. Most notably, pre-existing condition coverage may only be available to travelers if they purchase within 30 days of the first trip deposit. The last thing a traveler wants is to wish they’d bought a policy earlier.

The best part about taking a cruise is the relaxation. There’s always a risk for unforeseen travel interruptions, but travel insurance can provide peace of mind and help protect travelers from financial losses. With a little research and comparison shopping, cruisers can locate insurance policies that meet their needs and fit their budgets.

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