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Squaremouth’s Tips for Using Travel Insurance to Survive Winter Storm Delays

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL January 30, 2013 – Severe winter storms systems aiming at the Midwest and Northeast this week have impacted travel plans at some of the busiest airports across the country. Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, offers these tips for getting the most out of travel insurance when winter storms strike.

What if a traveler is stuck at the airport because of a weather delay?

Crowded airports are not a comfortable place to be, especially when flight delays last for hours and travelers see their vacation plans slowly slipping away. Travel delay benefits within travel insurance can kick in when flight delays arise, reimbursing travelers for extra expenses like meals, hotel stays, phone calls and local transportation until flights are up and running.

“Travel delay benefits can provide some comfort and relief for tired travelers while they wait,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “However, be aware they may be subject to daily limits, so travelers want to check their policies to know what’s covered.”

What happens when travelers miss connecting flights because of bad weather?

Winter weather is notorious for causing travelers to miss connecting flights that delay the start of their trips. When this happens, travelers often incur costly change fees or flight differences to catch up. Choosing a missed connection benefit that provides coverage as soon as possible is the best option. A policy that kicks in after a three hour delay is much more beneficial than one that won’t provide coverage until after a six or eight hour delay.

What happens when flights are cancelled because of a snowstorm?

Travelers are not at a complete loss when snow storms cause cancellations. Trip cancellation benefits can reimburse travelers for prepaid, nonrefundable expenses when they are prevented from traveling due to weather.

“Policies that include weather benefits can reimburse travelers for 100% of their trip cost,” says Harvey. “The key to worry-free travel is making sure the right coverage is included so travelers won’t have to think twice when bad weather hits.”

What if travelers miss portions of their trips because of delays?

Even if travelers only miss a portion of the trip, like a night of hotel stay at the destination, trip interruption benefits can provide reimbursement for associated losses. Travelers will want to make sure they are covered for interruptions due to weather in order to receive reimbursement when the threat of delays and cancellations persist.

Can travelers buy travel insurance for a forecasted winter storm?

Winter storm systems are common this time of year, so travelers should always be thinking ahead by ensuring coverage is in place before traveling. The best advice is to prepare in advance for anticipated winter weather-related interruptions.

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