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Still Time to Buy Travel Insurance For Looming Winter Storm, Says Squaremouth

Still Time to Buy Travel Insurance For Looming Winter Storm, Says Squaremouth

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ST PETERSBURG FL December 12, 2016 — As more travelers take flight during the holiday season, the impact of delays and cancellations increases. With another winter storm expected to cross the country this week, travelers have a small window to insure their upcoming trips, says leading travel insurance site Squaremouth.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?
Airlines are not required to compensate passengers for delays due to weather, so additional expenses due to the delay often come out of the traveler’s pocket. Most travel insurance policies provide coverage if snow, ice, or other inclement weather delays a traveler’s flight.

Depending on the policy, benefits can be payable as early as three hours into a delay, and can cover expenses incurred during the delay, including food and even overnight accommodations. For travelers whose trips are canceled outright due to winter weather, travel insurance can reimburse the entire cost of their trip.

When Do Travelers Need to Buy a Policy?
Travelers worried about winter weather can purchase a travel insurance policy at any time before they leave. However, if they are concerned about a specific storm forecasted to impact their trip, they should check to make sure that storm isn’t named.

Travel insurance providers generally look at The Weather Channel to determine when a storm is named. Policies purchased on or after that date will not include any coverage for that storm.

“Travelers who buy a policy after hearing about a storm may be spending money on something they won’t be able to use,” said Squaremouth Customer Service Director Jessica Harvey. “We always recommend travelers call us and speak to a professional if there’s any question about coverage.”

Visit Squaremouth’s Travel Insurance Information Center for Holiday Travel to find out more about coverage for trips during the winter holiday season.