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Taiwan Earthquake: Squaremouth Breaks Down Travel Insurance Coverage When an Earthquake Strikes

Taiwan Earthquake: Squaremouth Breaks Down Travel Insurance Coverage When an Earthquake Strikes

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. February 6, 2018 — A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit the coast of Taiwan, killing at least two people injuring more, including tourists, and destroying hotels. Leading travel insurance comparison company, Squaremouth, explains how travel insurance works when an earthquake hits a traveler’s destination.

Travel Insurance Coverage Before You Leave
Travelers can cancel their trip and get their money back if their hotel is uninhabitable. If the earthquake causes delayed or canceled flights, travelers may also be covered to cancel their trip. Additionally, some policies will pay back travelers if there is a mandatory evacuation of the destination due to an earthquake.

Travel Insurance Coverage While You’re on Vacation
If an earthquake strikes during a traveler’s vacation, travel insurance can pay for a traveler to return home if their hotel is uninhabitable or if a mandatory evacuation is put in place. If a traveler is hurt, travel insurance can cover medical costs and transportation to a local hospital. Some policies include ‘Non-Medical Evacuation’ coverage which can transport travelers home or to the nearest safe place when a natural disaster happens.

Who Can Be Covered
To be able to cancel or end a trip early and be paid back travel expenses, travelers need to have a policy in place before the earthquake strikes. Travel insurance can be purchased for future travel but once an earthquake affects the traveler’s destination, it’s too late to buy insurance for that trip.


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