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Three Ways to Avoid Buying The Wrong Travel Insurance, Advises Squaremouth

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ST PETE BEACH, FL October 28, 2011 – Having the right travel insurance policy could prevent an emergency from turning into a major disaster. “Understanding the basics of buying travel insurance is the best way to find a travel insurance policy,” says Sarah Byrne, Marketing Manager at, a site for comparing and purchasing travel insurance. Follow Squaremouth’s advice to avoid buying the wrong travel insurance policy.

When to buy a policy?
Travelers can wait to buy travel insurance up until the day before they leave, however, if they choose to wait, they might miss out on important coverage.

It’s wise for travelers to consider what coverage they need before making a deposit on their trip. For example, if someone needs coverage for a pre-existing condition, they should buy a travel insurance policy within 14-30 days of making the deposit on the trip. Once the deadline has passed, that coverage is no longer available.

In addition to Pre-Existing Condition coverage, the benefits Cancel For Any Reason, Terrorism and Financial Default also require someone to purchase a policy within 14-30 days of their trip deposit.

“Almost every policy will cost the same whether quoting one year or one day before departure, so it’s always better to purchase sooner rather than later,” says Byrne. Purchasing travel insurance early can give someone extra coverage without an extra charge.

Where to buy a policy?
Many cruise lines and tour operators offer travel insurance policies, but they typically cost more and can include large administration charges. Before buying a travel insurance policy, travelers should compare different policies. Comparison sites, like, provide travelers more options with better policies for less money.

How much should it cost?
Whether someone buys a policy from a cruise line, comparison site or travel insurance provider, the same policy will cost the same price. On average, travelers under the age of 70 can expect to pay around four to ten percent of their total trip cost, while travelers over 70 can expect to pay between seven and 12 percent.

Since comparison sites allow you to compare the prices of more than one company, it’s common to find a policy that is significantly less expensive than other policies.

“Don’t be concerned that a travel insurance policy is inferior simply because of it’s low price,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. Since travel insurance providers all have an ideal customer in mind, each product is aimed at a different demographic.This explains why some plans are less expensive but offer better benefits.

About Squaremouth
Squaremouth is America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, helping customers instantly quote, compare and buy policies from every major carrier. Squaremouth has web sites in the US and UK, and an extensive network of partner sites worldwide. The company is headquartered in St Pete Beach, FL., with offices in Fort Wayne, IN. Visit or

About our Zero Complaint Guarantee
The cornerstone of our commitment to customers is Squaremouth’s guarantee to remove any company from our website if there is a customer complaint that cannot be resolved to our satisfaction. Squaremouth offers the broadest selection of insurance with an emphasis on quality and follow-up care in companies featured. We also factor in independent evaluation from the insurance industry watchdog AM Best.

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