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The Top 5 Mistakes Travelers Make When Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

The Top 5 Mistakes Travelers Make When Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. October 31, 2019 — Travel insurance can offer peace of mind if trip plans go awry, but when the time comes to file a claim, don’t make these mistakes that could result in your claim being denied. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down the top 5 mistakes travelers make when filing a claim.

Mistake 1: Thinking You’re Covered for Everything

One of the most common misconceptions travelers have is thinking their travel insurance covers “anything” that impacts their trip. Travel insurance covers a specific list of events that prevent a traveler from taking a trip such as weather, terrorism, or becoming sick, however a policy won’t simply cover everything. Travelers concerned about being covered for any situation, should consider purchasing the Cancel For Any Reason benefit, which allows travelers to cancel for reasons not covered by a standard policy.

Mistake 2: You Waited Too Long

Another frequent mistake travelers make is purchasing travel insurance too late. Travel insurance only covers unforeseen events, such as bad weather or an unexpected illness, and will only pay claims on policies purchased before a covered event takes place, so it is key to purchase a policy early in order to get the most out of these benefits. Squaremouth recommends travelers purchase a policy once they’ve made their first trip booking to ensure the longest period of coverage before their trip begins.

Mistake 3: You Don’t Have Supporting Documentation

Travelers will need to provide valid proof of their expenses in order to be refunded, such as original receipts, or credit card and bank statements. Hand written receipts and itineraries are typically not accepted as approved documents by travel insurance providers.

Mistake 4: You’ve Already Been Refunded

Travel insurance policies are designed to pay travelers back on a reimbursement basis once they experience a covered financial loss. If a traveler has already been refunded by an airline for a missed flight or by a tour supplier for a cancelled tour, those costs can’t be claimed under their travel insurance.

Mistake 5: You Didn’t Enjoy Your Trip

Many travelers think they can be reimbursed if their trip doesn’t live up to their expectations. While a change in a cruise ship itinerary or an activity cancellation might put a damper on your vacation, they are not covered reasons for reimbursement. Policies will protect travelers if their trip is delayed, interrupted or cancelled for covered reasons, but will not pay for inconvenience or loss of enjoyment.

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