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Top Travel Insurance Claims Revealed by Squaremouth

Top Travel Insurance Claims Revealed by Squaremouth

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ST. PETERSBURG FL Feb. 8, 2017 — For many travelers, feeling comfortable with the claims process is just as important as coverage or price when buying a travel insurance policy. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, compiled information from its providers to reveal the most common, most expensive, and most often denied travel insurance claims.


The Most Common Claim
The most common travel insurance claim in 2016 came from travelers needing to cancel their trip.

According to Brandi Morse, Claims Director for Tin Leg Travel Insurance, nearly one-third of claims paid in 2016 were for Trip Cancellation. Likewise, about 80% of travel insurance policies sold on are Trip Cancellation style policies.

“Most travelers looking for Trip Cancellation coverage are concerned about becoming sick and being unable to travel, or a family member becoming sick before their trip,” said Squaremouth spokesperson Megan Moncrief. “Most cancellation policies also provide coverage if a terrorist attack occurs at their destination, which has become a common concern.”

Expert Tip: Don’t be a no-show! Cancel with your airline, hotel, and tour company as soon as possible. During the claims process, your insurance provider will contact your travel suppliers to confirm that you didn’t take the trip or receive a refund.

The Most Expensive Claim
Medical Evacuation was the most expensive claim in 2016, with claims often exceeding $10,000. This benefit covers transportation to the closest hospital, and can even cover the expenses to return home. In extreme cases, this may require a specific type of air ambulance.

“Depending on how far the member needs to be transported and where they’re located, the cost of an emergency medical evacuation can cost up to $170,000,” according to the iTravelInsured Claims Department at International Medical Group.

Expert Tip: Squaremouth recommends a policy with at least $100,000 per person in Medical Evacuation for international travel. For travelers going to a more remote location or on a cruise, that recommendation increases to $250,000 per person.

The Most Denied Claim
Travelers filing claims for their delayed bags were the most commonly denied in 2016, according to Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL Travel Protection.

Travelers often misunderstand the purpose of this benefit and submit Baggage Delay claims thinking they are owed the benefit amount for the inconvenience they experienced, Schreier said. However, the benefit is designed to reimburse the cost of clothing or other essential items purchased while travelers wait for their bags to arrive.

Expert Tip: Read your policy to understand what items you are covered for. Then, keep all receipts for any clothing, toiletries, or other essentials you purchase while your luggage is lost or delayed. Without receipts, you cannot be reimbursed.