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Travel Insurance Coverage for Independence Day Travel, Explained by Squaremouth

Travel Insurance Coverage for Independence Day Travel, Explained by Squaremouth

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. July 1, 2019 — More than 49 million Americans are expected to travel over the Fourth of July holiday, the most ever recorded, according to AAA. As Americans prepare for the busy travel weekend, travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains coverage for the Independence Day weekend.

What is Covered?

Delays Caused by an Airline

The Travel Delay benefit can reimburse costs due to delays of a travel supplier, including inclement weather or mechanical breakdown, if a trip is unexpectedly delayed for at least 3-12 hours. Some policies with the Travel Delay benefit can cover any delay of a common carrier, such as a flight being held up to remove a passenger due to a disturbance or overbooking.

Cooking and Firework-Related Injuries

The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous U.S. holidays when it comes to fire-related injuries. The Emergency Medical benefit can provide coverage for travelers who experience an unexpected illness or injury while traveling, including burns or injuries resulting from cooking fires or fireworks.

Vacation Rental Costs

The cost of rentals, like those booked through Airbnb and VRBO, can be covered under a travel insurance policy, including any associated deposits, expenses, and cancellation fees. Common covered reasons to cancel a vacation rental include illness of a traveler, their traveling companion, or a family member, or inclement weather preventing the trip.

What is Not Covered?

Missed Flights Due to Traffic or Security Lines

With more people on the roads and in airports, even insured travelers should plan ahead for traffic and long security lines. Missing a flight due to traffic is never covered by travel insurance, however, some policies may provide coverage if the delay is due to the traveler getting in an accident on the way to the airport. Additionally, travel insurance does not cover travelers who miss their flight due to long lines checking in or at a security checkpoint.

Drinking Over the Legal Limit

It’s no secret that many travelers enjoy alcoholic beverages during their July 4th festivities, but many don’t understand that drinking over the legal limit could nullify their travel insurance coverage. If a traveler needs emergency medical treatment over the holiday weekend and their medical notes indicate they were drinking past the legal limit, their claim will be denied.

Loss of Enjoyment

While a forecast of rain or tropical storm can throw a wrench in plans for a holiday weekend at the beach, loss of enjoyment is not covered by travel insurance. As long as a traveler can make it to their destination on time and their hotel or rental is safe, they likely will not be refunded to cancel their trip.

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