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Hurricane Sandy – What Traveler Insurance Covers

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL October 31, 2012 – With a full month remaining for the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison website, offers travelers essential tips and terms to help understand hurricane coverage.

“Often, travelers are unaware of the full range of benefits in a policy,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “Many times, grounds for a claim may exist, unbeknownst to the traveler.” Squaremouth has provided the following “little known facts” about hurricane and weather benefits:

Hurricane insurance tips:
1 – No single policy will provide coverage against every possible scenario when a hurricane strikes or a traveler must be evacuated. This is why it is essential for travelers to understand exactly what situations are covered in a policy.

2 – If a policy isn’t purchased before a storm is named, associated losses will not be covered. Insurance is based on unforeseen circumstances; once a storm is named, it is no longer unforeseen.

3 – If a policy doesn’t specifically mention weather benefits, the “cancel for any reason” benefit may provide alternative coverage. Travelers should note that for most policies, this benefit will not reimburse for 100% of trip costs and is void two days before scheduled departure.

4 – If a common carrier must cancel or delay travel, but offers vouchers or alternative arrangements for the same dates, travelers may not have a claim if they refuse the offer. If the dates are different, most insurance companies will pay the claim so long as the tickets are surrendered.

Hurricane insurance terms:
1 – “Accommodations at destination made uninhabitable”
Even if a flight to the destination is available, travelers may still claim cancellation or interruption if their accommodations are deemed uninhabitable. If the building is not structurally sound, has lost electricity or does not have running water, the accommodation can be considered “uninhabitable.”

2 – Mandatory evacuation “conditionally covered” or “not covered”
Within hurricane and weather benefits, “conditionally covered” means that reimbursement is available if a specified amount of unused vacation time remains. “Not covered” means a traveler cannot claim for losses even if they are ordered to evacuate.

3 – “Hurricane warning” coverage
Some policies allow travelers to claim cancellation if a hurricane warning is administered within 24 hours of scheduled departure and if a policy has been effective for more than 15 days.

4 – “Complete cessation of common carrier services”
If an airline has stopped flying due to weather and a traveler can’t reach their destination, there may be grounds for a claim. The difference between policies is in the number of hours the airline is down: some policies require at least 24 hours of downtime while others do not have a time requirement.

5 – “Covered for inclement weather”
This is a more liberal version of “complete cessation of common carrier services,” allowing claims to be made without a minimum time requirement for service disruptions due to weather.

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