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When Vacationing with the Nanny, Travel Insurance is a Must , Squaremouth Says

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St Pete Beach, FL – September 30, 2008 – It may be the perfect fantasy of family vacation: palms swaying in the breeze, and you, trashy novel in one hand and margarita in the other, watching as your own personal Mary Poppins herds your offspring to their next fun-filled activity.

Vacationing with a nanny used to be something only the super-rich could afford. Not so these days, experts say: parents are increasingly willing to pay for help with the tedium of airplane rides, holiday mealtimes and bedtimes.

But there are risks associated with taking a nanny on vacation, from visa headaches to tension over accommodation and responsibilities, to the most serious risk of all: what happens if she gets sick.

“The vacation can get much more expensive in a hurry if something happens to a nanny who isn’t insured,” says Chris Harvey, president of, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison website.

You could wind up paying thousands in hospital bills for a sick or injured nanny, thousands more to evacuate her back home. Making sure everyone on a family vacation — including the nanny — has coverage is a must, Harvey says.

It’s often straightforward and cheaper to put your nanny on the same travel insurance policy as the rest of the family. She gets nearly the same benefits, with a few important exceptions: if she’s a foreign citizen and needs to deal with an ill relative back home, some policies will return her to her “place of residence” – your home country, not hers, for example.

If your nanny is meeting you at the resort, separate travel insurance is mandatory. If she’s flying solo with the children, she should share a policy with them. Families should investigate these differences well in advance of the trip, Harvey recommends. Beware, however, a few companies don’t allow non-related travelers on the same policy.

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Your bases covered, kick back and enjoy. Because when logistically all goes smoothly with a vacation nanny, fantasyland awaits.

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