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Travel Insurance Provider Position Statements for U.S. Global Travel Alert

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Squaremouth’s travel insurance providers have provided the following position statements to help travelers better understand how travel insurance coverage applies to the U.S. Global Travel Alert that was announced Friday, August 2, 2013.

Squaremouth will continue to update this information as it becomes available.

iTravelInsured – iTravelInsured plans provide coverage for the peril of a terrorist incident as defined within the policy terms and conditions.

“Terrorist Incident” means any violent act or an act that is dangerous to human life, property or infrastructure, that is committed within 120 miles of a Destination by any person or persons who appear to be part of an effort to coerce a civilian population or affect the conduct of any government by coercion.

Under the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits, coverage is extended for:

4.         A Terrorist Incident, if You are scheduled to arrive at a Destination within 15 days following the Terrorist Incident and the Travel Supplier is not offering a substitute itinerary. Travel to any Destination for which travel warnings have been issued by the U.S. State Department at the time this coverage is purchased is excluded. Travel to any Destination in which such a Terrorist Incident has occurred in the 90 days prior to the date this coverage was purchased is excluded.

Where travel warnings have been issued, any traveler who purchases travel insurance after the warning is not eligible for coverage in the event of a Terrorist Incident.  Those travelers that have already purchased coverage prior to the warning, are covered in the event of a terrorist incident occurring as defined above.

iTravelInsured plans do not offer coverage for cancellation due to fear that a terrorist incident might occur.

RoamRight – RoamRight’s political evacuation coverage provides coverage in the event of government or social upheaval in a foreign country. As of now, there have been no such events so there would be no coverage available under the political evacuation benefit.

Similarly, the trip cancellation benefit provides coverage if a terrorist attack occurs within 30 days of departure. Again, since there have been no such attack, there is no coverage at this time for cancellation of a planned trip.

Seven Corners – Coverage would be triggered when a Terrorism Incident occurs as noted and defined below and is a named peril under TC/TI:

The Company will pay a benefit, up to the maximum shown on the Confirmation of Coverage, if You are prevented from taking or unable to continue Your Trip due to:

(f) A Terrorist Incident that occurs in a city listed on Your Trip itinerary and within thirty (30) days prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. This same city must not have experienced a Terrorist Incident within the ninety (90) days prior to the Terrorist Incident that is causing the cancellation of Your Trip. Benefits are not provided if the Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary. Your Scheduled Departure Date must be no more than fifteen (15) months beyond Your Effective Date.

Terrorist Incident: means an incident deemed a terrorist act by the United States Government that causes property damage or Loss of life.

Travel Insured International – Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country.

The heightened alert associated with the increased threat of terrorist attacks does not trigger benefits under our policies.  However, we do advise all travelers to monitor the situation closely and use extreme caution when traveling particularly if their itinerary includes any of the countries included in the list of heightened precaution.

Our insured travelers may contact Oncall International for travel assistance 24 hours a day.  Also those insureds whose policies include Political Evacuation coverage should be advised to contact the Assistance number provided in their policy for additional information, advice and assistance as needed.

Travelex Insurance Services – In regards to the recent global travel alert issued by the State Department warning of possible al Qaeda attacks, Travelex’s Travel Basic, Travel Select, & Travel Max, TraveLite & Travel Plus can provide coverage, if the following circumstances are met.

The protection plan must first be purchased prior to the State Department announcement of the travel warning. Those who are looking to purchase protection after the warning was issued will not be eligible for coverage as the events are now considered foreseeable. However, the Travel Max with the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade may apply if the upgrade requirements are met.

Unfortunately, losses directly related to the travel warning will not trigger coverage under Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption. However, if the traveler is delayed due to a covered reason such as delay due to civil commotion or riot causing 50% or more of the covered trip to be missed, this would be eligible for coverage (except on Travel Basic). Additionally, if the Travel Supplier cancels the trip due to these conditions, the traveler may be reimbursed for the reissue fee charged by the airline, up to the maximum benefit amount as stated in the policy details.

Finally, non-medical evacuation benefits will be available by using our 24/7 designated travel assistance services, however, payment for these services will be the responsibility of the traveler.

We would like to advise all travelers to follow the recent events closely and use caution when traveling. Keep in mind that all claims are determined based on the documentation submitted and the terms of the policy purchased.

USA-Assist – You have benefits in the amount purchased for unused non-refundable prepaid expenses for travel arrangements, whenever you are prevented from taking a trip for any of the following reasons that occur after the effective date of your protection plan:

Terrorism. The Terrorist Incident must occur in a city listed on Your itinerary within 30 days prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date.  This same city must not have experienced a Terrorist Incident within the 90 days prior to the Terrorist Incident, which is causing Your cancellation.  Benefits are not provided if Your Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary.

Benefits are not payable for Sickness, Injuries or losses of You or Your Traveling Companion:

Loss or damage (including death or injury) or any other expense associated with the discharge, explosion, or use of war weapons or weapons of mass destruction or nuclear, chemical, biological or similar weapons howsoever these may be distributed or combined and used at times of peace, war or terrorism; regardless of who commits the act.

For Trip Cancellation / Interruption claims, Benefits are not payable:

Prohibition or regulatory by any government.