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Travel Insurance Provider Squaremouth Shines Spotlight on April Travel Protection

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL March 12, 2015 – Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, allows travelers to quote, compare, and purchase travel insurance from every major provider in the US. To help travelers learn more about these companies, Squaremouth has launched the travel insurance provider spotlight series. In this article, Squaremouth shines a light on April USA.

History of April Travel Protection
In 1988, The April Group was founded by Bruno Rousset in Lyon, France. 26 years later, the company expanded into the North American market, launching April Travel Protection’s USA division in 2013. April’s international headquarters remain in Lyon, France, while the North American headquarters are in Miami, Florida.

Rousset’s vision for the company was to “change the image of insurance”, a concept that is still reflected in April’s identity today. To maintain this mission, April has taken steps to differentiate itself from competitors.

What’s Different About April?
April offers unique “Stress Less” benefits, through which they instantly adjudicate issues policyholders may experience while traveling. Common issues that qualify for this benefit are delayed and cancelled flights, unexpected hotel stays, and medical emergencies and evacuations. Through the Stress Less process, April resolves the issue immediately, often providing on-the-spot payment, allowing the customer to avoid the claims process when they return home.

April is able to provide Stress Less benefits through their Global Travel Assistance Network, which consists of strategically placed emergency assistance offices around the world. This is an advantage as it allows April to control their customer’s experience throughout their trip, as opposed to outsourcing these services.

April’s Advice for Travelers
April USA’s CEO, Jason Schreier, advises first time travel insurance buyers to speak to an expert in the industry, “On the web, policies can look extremely similar to one another. The differences are often in the fine print that most people don’t read or understand.” Adding, “a great place for first-time buyers to check is aggregator sites. These give them broad view of the market and can help find a price or plan that works for their specific needs.”

Research and compare April policies on here.

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