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UpgradedPoints, Aug 19, 2020 – The Best Travel Insurance Options for Seniors [Ages 65, 70, and Over 80]

UpgradedPoints, Aug 19, 2020 – The Best Travel Insurance Options for Seniors [Ages 65, 70, and Over 80]

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What You Need to Know About Age and Travel Insurance

t’s possible to purchase travel insurance at just about any age. If you’re healthy enough to travel, you’ll generally be able to find coverage. You’ll normally be paying more to purchase coverage as you get older, however, and most policies may have preexisting health stipulations.

The Cost of Travel Insurance
As age increases, so does the cost of purchasing travel insurance. The good news, however, is that premiums tend to vary widely between companies who offer policies for older travelers, so it pays to compare.

The easiest way to compare policies is via insurance comparison sites such as SquareMouth, InsureMyTrip, or TravelInsurance.com. Travel comparison sites make it easy to compare travel insurance policy pricing and coverage options for all ages.

We’ve used these sites to find most of the comparison quotes provided in this article.

Best Travel Insurance Options — Age 80 and Above

As a senior, it becomes more and more likely that we will actually have to use our travel insurance coverage as we age. However, even at age 80 or beyond, you’ll still find travel insurance widely available and relatively affordable. Some companies are willing to insure older travelers but charge higher premiums, so it’s wise to compare the pricing of several providers.

Above you’ll find a sampling of 4 SquareMouth quotes for single-trip travel insurance policies that include CFAR insurance for a traveler 80 years of age. The trip’s total cost was stated at $3,000 and was 8 days in length. Quotes ranged from $382 (Seven Corners) to well over $1,000 to insure the trip (not all quotes are shown). Coverage limits can also vary greatly, so it can be beneficial to compare policy limits.

If you’re looking to purchase travel insurance and you’re 80 years of age or older, it’s imperative to compare policies for the best pricing and coverage.

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