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USA Today, July 22 2017 – When good trips go bad: Expert tips to prepare and respond

USA Today, July 22 2017 – When good trips go bad: Expert tips to prepare and respond

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Insurance can make things right if you get the right policy. But it’s not worthwhile for every type of trip, and is a downright waste of money if most parts of your trip are refundable. But medical insurance can come in handy when you travel abroad as most American medical plans don’t cover recipients who get sick abroad. And you will save tens of thousands of dollars if you have evacuation insurance, and need to be medi-vacced out should your destination have sub-par medical facilities.

In addition, insurance companies can help you on vacations with many moving parts (so on a cruise that requires flights to get to, the insurance company can be your ally in making sure the vacation goes forward should your flight be delayed and you miss the boat). To find the right insurance, try these marketplace websites: SquareMouth.com, InsureMyTrip.com and TravelInsurance.com. With each, you input the details of your trip and your age, and they provide a list of potential policies with what’s included listed. I’ve found that the most expensive policies aren’t always the most complete ones. It’s important to buy insurance directly from an insurance company rather than from your travel provider, because if your travel company goes belly-up, you’ll likely lose your insurance, too.

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