Wall Street Journal, Jan 12 2016 – Open Salaries: the Good, the Bad and the Awkward

Published by Courtney Pechart January 13, 2016

How would you feel if your co-workers could see your paycheck? Afraid they’ll think you’re overpaid? Defensive, because you think you make too little?

More employers, from Whole Foods Market, with 91,000 employees, to smaller companies such as SumAll and Squaremouth, are opening up companywide salary information to all employees. They generally don’t disclose it to the public—but one company, Buffer, posts all employees’ salaries on its website. The idea of open pay is to get pay and performance problems out on the table for discussion, eliminate salary inequities and spark better performance.

Squaremouth, a travel-insurance comparison website with an open-pay policy, goes an extra step by allowing its 37 employees to vote on raises requested by colleagues on their teams.

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