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WGXA, Feb 27 2019 – Upson-Lee HS teacher awarded $10K check for reading the fine print

WGXA, Feb 27 2019 – Upson-Lee HS teacher awarded $10K check for reading the fine print

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An Upson-Lee High School teacher was presented a $10,000 check Wednesday morning by Squaremouth Inc. travel insurance comparison company.

Squaremouth launched the “Pays to Read” campaign in February 2019 to highlight the importance of reading policy information. The first individual who to read their policy from start to finish would be named the winner.

Squaremouth said Donelan Andrews read all of her policy information and contacted the company within 23 hours of the start of the contest.

“Andrews focuses primarily on Consumer Economics, teaching students important life skills like work ethic, how to find jobs, and how to interview,” Squaremouth said in a release. “One of the skills Donelan emphasizes to all of her classes: the importance of reading contracts.”

Squaremouth says it hid a section of text titled “Pays to Read” on the final page of documentation sent to customers of Tin Leg — Squaremouth’s own travel insurance brand. The text directed customers to contact us upon discovering the secret contest.

Andrews’ check presentation came at Upson-Lee High School in front of students and other faculty.

“We estimate less than 1% of travelers who buy travel insurance actually read all of their policy information,” says Squaremouth CEO Chris Harvey. “We’re working to change that.”

Read the full WGXA article and watch the video here: https://wgxa.tv/news/local/upson-lee-hs-teacher-awarded-10k-check-for-reading-the-fine-print