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When to Buy Travel Insurance: Waiting Too Long Might Mean No Coverage

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ST PETE BEACH , FL  August 16, 2010 – “Why doesn’t my quote include any policies that cover pre-existing conditions?” is one of the most commonly asked questions to, America’s fastest growing comparison website for travel insurance. Often, it is because the traveler waited too long to get a policy.

Many travel insurance plans will cover pre-existing conditions only if the policy is purchased within a specific time, determined by the initial trip payment or the final trip payment.

“Even when a trip is booked well in advance with only a minimal deposit, that date still determines how long some benefits are available for purchase.” warned Squaremouth’s Chief Executive Chris Harvey. “This is an industry norm, even with coverage as important as pre-existing conditions.”

When the first payment is made toward a trip, the clock starts ticking. Depending on the plan, there are 9, 14, 21 or 30 days to purchase a policy that covers Pre-Existing Conditions. Once this set time has passed, coverage is no longer available.

CSA and HTH do not use the trip deposit date, rather, their plans cover pre-existing conditions if the policy is purchased before the final trip payment.

“Often, people are not aware of these time restrictions and this keeps them from getting much needed coverage.” said Harvey. “Shopping early for travel insurance gives travelers the widest choice.”

Similar deposit date time restrictions apply to Cancel For Any Reason, Cancel For Work Reasons, Financial Default and Terrorism coverage.

If these coverage categories are not important, Squaremouth advises travelers to get a policy once their vacation outlay is significant enough to insure. Travelers can wait until the day before departure, however, there are not many advantages to waiting.

“Most plans are the same price whether the trip is 1 day or 1 year in the future,” advised Harvey. “Only plans from CSA become cheaper when purchased closer to the departure date.”

Buying a policy early also maximizes Trip Cancellation coverage, which begins the day after purchase. This means, except for CSA’s price changes, travelers get more coverage for the same price when travel insurance is purchased early.

The recent volcanic eruption in Iceland illustrates another advantage to purchasing travel insurance early. Once a catastrophic event is considered “foreseeable” by a carrier, new policies will not cover that event. For example, travelers who purchased insurance before the eruption in mid April had peace of mind that their travel delays, cancellations and interruptions were eligible for coverage.

Similarly, coverage for hurricanes and tropical storms is determined by when the event is considered “foreseeable”. Policies purchased after a storm is named will not cover that storm.

“Insuring the trip early is the best way to protect against the unexpected,” advised Harvey. “Waiting too long might mean the unexpected is now considered foreseeable.”

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