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Where, When and How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Travel Insurance

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Treasure Island, Fl, Sep 25, 2003 — If an emergency occurs during your vacation it could be a major disaster if you do not have the right travel insurance. President Chris Harvey offers insight based on his experience building the website that compares and analyzes all the top travel insurance policies in the USA.

Where should I buy insurance?

Beware of the hard sell – Insist on choice!

This is very important as most travel websites and tour/cruise operators either automatically include insurance or may hard sell you their own policy. This can be much more expensive and may include large administration charges. If you are forced to take insurance, print out your policy EOB (evidence of benefits) page and compare it to the market leading policies using comparison tools such as At least you’ll know if you’re missing out on vital coverage!

When should I buy insurance?

Most insurers offer full coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if you buy their policy within 10-14 days from making the trip deposit payment.

If it’s more than 14 days since your deposit, coverage is provided for claims not connected to existing medical conditions. Most insurers also only look back 6 months to determine pre-existing medical conditions.

You could purchase anytime up to the day you are traveling although if you leave it this late beware coverage does not start until midnight on the day of purchase. Your policy will cost the same whether you make the purchase a day or a year before you travel so it’s always better to purchase sooner rather than later as you get extra cancellation coverage without extra charge.

How much should I pay?

Every identical policy costs the same regardless of who sells it, however, some tour companies may add an administration charge.

Travelers under 40 – expect to pay around 4-7% of your total trip cost.

Under 50 – around 5%.

Under 70 – 6 -10%.

Over 70 – 9-12%.

Our customers get excellent coverage even from the cheaper policies because insurance companies aim their products at certain types of traveler. When policy A is cheapest for 40 year old travelers, it may be expensive if the travelers are over 70.

How do I know if an insurer will look after us in an emergency?

The short answer is in most cases you don’t! offers a zero complaint Policy. “This means an insurer selling products on our site does so only while it maintains a flawless record with our customers. If even one of our clients has a complaint that we cannot resolve to our satisfaction, we will remove that insurer from our site” explains Chris Harvey.

Kevin Herlihy, National Account Manager for Travel Insured International stated, “This is one of the best travel insurance quote engines I have seen. We are excited to be a part of it.”

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