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Why It’s Too Late to Insure Your Travels from Winter Storm Boreas, Says Squaremouth Travel Insurance

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL November 26, 2013 – As winter storm Boreas crosses the country, it has already claimed fourteen lives, dumped several feet of snow and ice and left cities without power. Yet according to The Weather Channel, the worst is yet to come, with the most dangerous conditions expected on Wednesday, November 27, the busiest travel day of the year. Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, explains the cold reality for travelers facing Boreas.

It is too late to purchase travel insurance for protection from Boreas
Those looking to purchase travel insurance are still able to do so, however it is unlikely they will receive reimbursement for any incident resulting from Boreas. According to some providers, coverage is no longer available for this specific storm system under any plans purchased on or after Monday, November 25. Others are using November 23 as their cutoff date.

Travelers who have purchased policies may have limited coverage if they are driving
Travelers driving to their destination generally have less coverage than those traveling by way of ticketed transportation. A traveler cannot file a claim simply because driving is deemed dangerous. Rather, there must be a documented occurrence causing a delay in travel in order for a claim to be considered. Furthermore, no policies provide coverage if a car breaks down, even if this is caused by weather conditions.

“In general, purchasing travel insurance may not be worth the cost for travelers driving to their destination,” says Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth, “However there are some  policies offered by Travel Insurance Services that do not differentiate between ticketed transportation and driving. These are ideal for driving travelers.”

Unfortunately, while these driver-friendly policies may meet the specific needs for some holiday travelers, it is even too late for them to be purchased for protection from Boreas.

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