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Why Every Parent Should Consider Travel Insurance for Their Spring Breaker

Why Every Parent Should Consider Travel Insurance for Their Spring Breaker

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. March 7, 2018 – Spring Break is fast-approaching and parents may be starting to worry. While parents can’t force their kids to make the right choices while abroad, they can set them up with a travel insurance plan that will help them in an emergency. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, breaks down why parents may want to get coverage for their spring breaker.

Coverage for Medical Emergencies Brings Peace of Mind for Parents

Many travelers may not realize that most domestic health insurance won’t cover them overseas. If a student has a medical emergency while on their spring break trip that’s outside of the United States, they may not be covered. That’s where travel insurance comes in. Emergency Medical coverage will pay travelers back for medical costs for an unexpected sickness or injury. Squaremouth recommends getting a policy with at least $50,000 of coverage, or $100,000 of coverage for cruises or travel to remote locations. Medical Evacuation covers the costs of transportation to the nearest medical facility if a traveler is so sick or hurt that they need an ambulance or need to be airlifted.

Coverage for the ‘Invincible’ Adventurer

Many policies will exclude coverage for an adventurous activity such as sky diving, bungee jumping or even lower impact activities like kayaking or zip lining. If your spring breaker is the adventurous type, consider getting the upgraded Hazardous Sports coverage that can include coverage for activities that are often excluded.

Mother Nature May Rain on Their Parade

Your student may be excited to soak up the sun at a tropical destination but mother nature doesn’t care that it’s spring break. If there’s a significantly bad weather forecast, travelers may be able to cancel their trip and get their money back. Each policy has its own stipulations of coverage, so make sure to check the policy detail to learn what’s covered and what isn’t.

Help During a Dangerous Situation

Spring Breakers can easily become targets of crime. All travel insurance providers have 24-hour Emergency Assistance. If a traveler becomes the victim of a crime and doesn’t know where to go to get help, emergency assistance agents will be able to direct travelers to local law enforcement. They can also arrange interpretation if needed.

The Biggest Spring Break Activity That Isn’t Covered

It’s no secret that many college students will be drinking alcohol while on their vacation, especially if their destination’s drinking age is lower than it is at home. If a traveler needs emergency medical treatment while on their spring break trip, travel insurance will cover them, unless they’re intoxicated. If their medical notes indicate that they were drinking past the legal limit, the claim will be denied.

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