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ITIJ, Sept 12 2016 – Zika warnings not affecting US travellers’ plans

Mexico is the top destination affected by the virus that customers are still willing to go to, with the country remaining Squaremouth customers’ most popular destination and seeing a 21-per-cent increase in US visitors buying travelling insurance from the site when compared to last year. The Bahamas has seen an even larger increase in travellers. […]

It’s Too Late to Purchase Travel Insurance for Issued Blizzard Warning, says Squaremouth

ST. PETERSBURG, FL December 20, 2012 – Heavy snowfall and extreme winds may threaten this weekend’s holiday travel as blizzard conditions sweep across the Midwest. Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, warns travelers it is too late to buy travel insurance to cover cancellations due to weather. “The recently issued blizzard warning is […]

Forbes, June 7 2020 – What Travel Insurance Does Not Cover After The Pandemic

What’s next for travel insurance? The travel insurance industry is evolving quickly. So this list of what travel insurance does not cover could soon change, say experts like Kasara Barto, a spokeswoman for “Travel insurance is designed to cover travelers’ most common concerns,” she explains. “But prior to January 2020, pandemics and viruses were […]

How the Travel Insurance Industry Is Reacting to COVID-19

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. May 28, 2020 — In response to travelers worldwide being impacted by COVID-19, travel insurance providers are already making policy changes to address new concerns and the future of travel. Travel insurance comparison site,, spoke with ten leading travel insurance providers to reveal four ways travel insurance is evolving because of […]

WebMD, March 9 2020 – Spread of Coronavirus Cancels Travel and Events

Demand for Travel Insurance Surges Travelers are also buying more insurance to cope with doubts brought by the coronavirus epidemic. “We have seen a 208% surge in demand for travel insurance from Jan. 21 to Feb. 26 compared to the previous 5-week period,” says Kasara Barto, a spokesperson at Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison website. […]

The Traveler’s Guide to Travel Insurance for the Coronavirus

Buying Guide for Travelers Looking for a New Policy Cancellation Benefits Limited, But Still Available The coronavirus pandemic is considered a foreseen event by most travel insurance providers, meaning there are limited, if any, benefits available relating to the outbreak. In most cases, traveler insurance providers assign a specific date to when they consider an […]