The Squaremouth headquarters in St. Petersburg overlook the downtown waterfront, with a clear view of the historic St. Petersburg Pier. Squaremouth hosts two high-definition cameras providing a live video feed of the pier, recording the demolition of the current structure and construction of the future concept, the new St. Pete Pier. Demolition of the Inverted Pyramid Pier began in August 2015, with the new St. Pete Pier expected to be complete in 2018.

Pier Demolition Time-Lapse Video

Squaremouth has created time-lapse videos capturing the full demolition of the Inverted Pyramid Pier, taking place from September to November 2015.

Use Squaremouth’s Pier Cameras and Time-Lapse Videos

Squaremouth is offering our live feeds and time-lapse videos as a free resource for use in coverage of the pier.
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Embed Squaremouth’s Pier Footage

LIVE FEED: Squaremouth’s St. Petersburg Pier Cameras

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The above live video feed is provided by a camera installed on the roof of Squaremouth’s office, located approximately one mile from the pier. We apologize that this position may cause the video to appear unstable under windy conditions.
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The New St. Pete Pier Timeline

Follow the evolution of St. Petersburg Pier with our interactive timeline. Squaremouth is documenting the three-year project though time-lapse videos capturing the progress each month and during major milestones in the demolition of the Inverted Pyramid Pier and the construction of the new St. Pete Pier.

About the St. Petersburg Pier

Built in 1973, the Inverted Pyramid Pier, a five-story inverted triangle-shaped building, became an icon of St. Petersburg’s downtown waterfront. It was the city’s fourth pier structure dating back to 1889. In 2004, the Inverted Pyramid Pier was deemed structurally unsafe, and it closed down in 2013.
In 2014, Mayor Kriseman was elected to office and led a charge to bring St. Petersburg a new pier. In 2015, City Council authorized the new St. Pete Pier as the new design. Demolition of the “Inverted Pyramid Pier” began in August of 2015, with the new St. Pete Pier expected to be complete in 2018.
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The New St. Pete Pier design and map images used on this page are provided by The City of St. Petersburg: 2015