Dean Thomson

Dean Thomson

Tap Room at The Hollander

Individual Excellence in Customer Service

“Life in this industry for me is like being an actor on a stage. The $1,000 from Squaremouth was my Oscar for which I am truly honored and blessed to have been chosen along with these 19 other nominees!”

My Story

A normal day for me at the Tap Room at The Hollander Hotel turned out to be an “OMG, WTF, LOL” day thanks to Squaremouth and Megan Singh. The mixed emotions I felt after receiving $1000 for just doing what puts a smile on my face.
Originally from South Africa I came to Florida in December 2001. After being in sales and the computer industry back home I knew I had the personality for something else. I immediately got into the hospitality industry. This industry is simply amazing. It allowed me to travel around the states living in some food driven cities. Life to me is all about FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD, and FUN. My journey over the last 13 years has brought me to St. Petersburg, a city rich in all of these.
My friend Angela Dryden and I visited the Hollander Hotel one day for some lunch and one of their many tasty craft beers. I turned to her and said, “I can see myself working here!” She then proceeded to introduce me to Nick Herring, the General Manager, and I was hired the very next day. How my life has changed tenfold.
Like Squaremouth, the Hollander Hotel believes in Service-with-a-Smile. Not only are we in the field of sales and networking, we believe in teamwork. People are what make a ship stay afloat and to be in our industry takes a certain personality. This job is not for the faint at heart :). Our customers are our extended FAMILY. Our family are our FRIENDS. Our friends keep coming back for our FOOD, and we have FUN at the same time.
If I happened to win this grand prize all my colleagues will be given something, especially the back of the house who aren’t recognized enough for all the hours and hard work they put in. As they say, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” Our staff are real troopers.
–Dean Thomson