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Twenty $1,000 Tips Handed Out to St. Petersburg Servers

ST. PETERSBURG, FL December 9, 2014 – Throughout the month of December, twenty unsuspecting customer service providers throughout St. Petersburg are being surprised with more than the average tip. As a ‘thank you’ for a job well done, each are receiving an envelope, containing $1,000 in cash.
The surprise is part of a holiday campaign from local software company, Squaremouth, in an effort to recognize customer service providers in St. Petersburg who go above and beyond to provide their customers with a great experience.
“We are rewarding people who put in the extra effort for their customers,” explains Squaremouth co-founder and CEO, Chris Harvey. “We wanted them to know their hard work has not gone unnoticed.”
For two months, a group of Squaremouth employees visited local businesses in search of outstanding customer service providers. Then, during the month of December, they are returning to those who had exceeded their expectations and delivering the cash reward – no strings attached.
“I know anyone in customer service could use the cash especially this time of year,” wrote Ashley Van Anne of Birch & Vine, the third recipient of the campaign. “But it was so unexpected and touching, I have never experienced anything remotely like it.”
In total, twenty customer service providers in St. Petersburg each received $1,000.
Squaremouth will share the recipients’ stories on their website at In January 2015, one of the recipients will be chosen to receive an additional $10,000 in cash, as well as $1,000 for their employer.
Squaremouth is headquartered in downtown St. Petersburg. Their website,, compares travel insurance policies. The company has built a legacy on providing exceptional customer service to every single one of their customers. It is this appreciation for customer service that inspired Squaremouth’s “Thank You Campaign”.
“Customer service is our number one priority. We came up with the Thank You Campaign as our way of showing appreciation for others who feel the same way,” said Harvey. “These people have chosen to do a remarkable job everyday. What better time than the holiday season to say thank you.”
So far, the response has been overwhelming. According to Elliot Gunther, General Manager of Cassis American Brasserie, the surprise was “the best present I’ve ever received in my entire life!” Another recipient, Darrell Butler of The Oyster Bar, said, “A huge thank you Squaremouth for your appreciation for my hard work.”
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