About Us 2

What just happened?

A Squaremouth employee was your customer, and you did a great job!
You were just given $1,000 as a thank you for providing outstanding customer service.

We’re not done saying thanks…

You are 1 of 20 who has earned $1,000!

Squaremouth employees are visiting businesses throughout St. Petersburg looking for 20 outstanding customer service individuals like you. We are recognizing those who put in the extra effort to give their customer a great experience, whether it is taking the initiative to exceed their expectations, having a great attitude, or putting a smile on their face.

Who is Squaremouth?

We are a travel insurance company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to every single one of our customers. Now, we want to recognize other deserving individuals in the tourism industry who feel the same way about customer service as we do.

What Now?

Your outstanding customer service has earned you $1,000. Please keep this cash with our thanks for a job well done!

As part of this recognition, we would like to share your story. Then, in January 2015, we will select one of the recipients as our pick for the best customer service provider in St. Petersburg. They will receive an additional $10,000, as well as $1,000 for their employer.

If you would like to be featured on our website and considered for $10,000, please submit your contact information. We will be in touch to learn more about you!

Registration Closed

We found 20 outstanding customer service providers in St. Petersburg and rewarded them with $1,000 in cash. Now, one of them will receive an additional $10,000. The winner will be determined by three factors: the original customer service experience, secret subsequent visits by Squaremouth staff, and the community vote.


Want to speak with us directly?

Please contact Squaremouth’s Thank You campaign team at 727-378-0938, we are available between 9AM and 5PM ET.
Alternatively, you can contact us at thankyoucampaign@squaremouth.com.