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Travel Health Basics – Part 2

Published by Chris Harvey November 27, 2004

Eliot C. Heher, MD In Travel Health Insurance Basics — Part 1, I discussed the importance of travel insurance and listed the three major coverages to consider: (1) supplemental health/medical, (2) medical evacuation, (3) trip cancellation/interruption. Here are some other key points about travel insurance, and a discussion about why insurance isn’t enough: Multi-Trip vs. […]

Travel Health Basics – Part 1

Published by Chris Harvey November 27, 2004

Eliot C. Heher, MD Open your U.S passport to page two and you may be surprised by the following warning: HEALTH INSURANCE. Persons considering foreign travel should determine what health insurance coverage, if any, they require while outside the United States. Medicare does not cover health care costs outside the United States and its territories, […]

Common Colds: A Common Problem

Published by Chris Harvey November 14, 2004

Eliot C. Heher, MD Catching a cold is certainly not the worst health problem a traveler can experience but it’s one of the most common and can throw a monkey-wrench into a carefully planned business trip. Viral respiratory illnesses are second only to Travelers’ Diarrhea as the most common cause of infection among travelers. Adults […]