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Don’t Dismiss Foreign Healthcare

Published by Chris Harvey April 30, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Many Americans are surprised to learn that excellent medical care is available in much of the world. The advice and recommendations expatriates receive abroad may be different from what they receive in the US–but different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. Here are three points to keep in mind: The World Health Organization’s ...

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Develop a Contingency Plan for Serious Illness

Published by Chris Harvey April 27, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Under rare but critical circumstances of accident, injury or sudden illness, an expatriate may require evacuation to the United States or to a third country. To help ensure the best possible medical outcome, it’s very important that expatriates plan for this possibility in advance. As one HTH physician explained: “[Expatriates] should ...

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Choosing a Physician in Your Host Country

Published by Chris Harvey April 26, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Establishing a comfortable relationship for each family member with a qualified primary physician is a step every expatriate should take before arrival in their host country, if possible. Assignees who do so will avoid significant worry and stress — and possibly treatment delay or medical complication — when a bronchitis, ear ...

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Anticipate the Psychologic Effects of Expatriate Life

Published by Chris Harvey April 25, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD While many expatriates find their overseas assignment thrilling, all of them experience some degree of disorientation, confusion and anxiety as they adjust to their host country’s culture. In addition to the challenges of a foreign language and society, expatriates often find themselves on a journey of self discovery, questioning their personal ...

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Questions & Answers about Mad Cow and vCJD

Published by Chris Harvey April 22, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD For an introduction to Mad Cow Disease and its human variant, vCJD, please see Mad Cow Disease: Advice for Expatriates and Travelers. How did the epidemic start? Scientists don’t know for sure but it’s believed that the use of cattle feeds containing meat and bone meal from animal carcasses, including sheep ...

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A Flight with Sore Eyes: Vision Care for Travelers

Published by Chris Harvey April 12, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Waiting for the ferry from Sifnos to Athens on a windy day in August, Boston attorney Scott Martin (an alias) felt something fly into his eye. Severe pain began immediately and continued throughout the six hour ferry ride despite all attempts to wash the eye clean. After an emergency room nurse ...

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Mountain Sickness

Published by Chris Harvey April 10, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Modern travel has made it easy to reach high altitude destinations such as the Peruvian Andes, Lhasa (Tibet), or even the ski resorts of Colorado, without doing any actual mountain climbing. If you’re planning such a trip, be sure to familiarize yourself with the health effects of altitude. Background First, some ...

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When Ears Have an Altitude Problem

Published by Chris Harvey April 9, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD The human body didn’t evolve to accommodate air travel at 33,000 feet. So, it’s not surprising that high altitude flying can cause a variety of physical symptoms, despite the high quality pressurization systems available on modern aircraft. In-flight ear pain is certainly one of the most common problems fliers report. Steep ...

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The Most Dangerous Leg of Your Journey

Published by Chris Harvey April 8, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD “We should have you on the ground in Boston in 15 to 20 minutes,” the pilot announced as the flight attendants collected the last cups and napkins. “And remember: the most dangerous leg of your journey is the ride home from the airport. So buckle up and drive carefully.” That’s great ...

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Avoiding Travelers Diarrhea

Published by Chris Harvey April 7, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Global travel can be extremely enjoyable, but it also creates some health risks for the traveler, including most commonly Travelers’ Diarrhea, or TD for short. (This is a condition with many other names, such as Montezuma’s Revenge, for example). This column will focus on basic information about TD and the food ...

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