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Hold Your Breath – Airline Air Explained

Published by Chris Harvey May 31, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Air travel is extremely safe, but as most of us who fly frequently know you can end up pretty uncomfortable on even a short flight. Many frequent flyers complain about the air quality and with good reason: Airline cabin air is recycled. Older aircraft tend to filter air and mix in ...

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Five Tips for Healthier Business Travel

Published by Chris Harvey May 30, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Here are five tips to help make your business travel healthier. Slow the Pace Down. Traveling is stressful, even when everything goes smoothly. International travel can mean a struggle even with the simplest tasks like finding a restroom or making a phone call. Jet lag doesn’t help. Of course, business travel ...

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Going on vacation? by Michael McBee

Published by Chris Harvey May 25, 2005

Is your home safe? In the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go on vacation we prepare for many things. But for many of us we forget about protecting our home while we travel. I have compiled a few tips about what to do about the place you will be leaving behind, your home. ...

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A Great Motorcycle Ride in Mexico by Daniel Levy

Published by Chris Harvey May 23, 2005

Great Motorcycle Rides in Mexico Queretaro A beautiful ride across cities and places named World Heritage by the Unesco, through a splendid protected natural area and ending in a surrealistic garden by artist Sir Edward James. Just keep reading… The ride starts in Queretaro City at 5,970 ft above sea level. Queretaro is a colonial ...

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Eliminate Embarrassment this Holiday Season. by Frank Morosky

Published by Chris Harvey May 20, 2005

Mention flatulence or intestinal gas, and you’re bound to get a chuckle. But for more than 44 million Americans, it is a serious concern. The odor associated with excessive flatulence can be so embarrassing that it prevents people from traveling and enjoying normal social interactions. People like Jane Simoson, 39, can travel with confidence this ...

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Thessaloniki by Liana Metal

Published by Chris Harvey May 18, 2005

Thessaloniki is located on the northern part of the Greek mainland, in the gulf of Thermaikos which is a major port in imports and exports. The city was set up in 316 BC and is the capital of Macedonia and the second big city in Greece after Athens. WHY GO European culture combined with a ...

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From God’s Garden to Europe’s Samba capital by German News

Published by Chris Harvey May 16, 2005

From God’s Garden to Europe’s Samba capital by German News From God’s Garden to Europe’s Samba capital “I climb up to Saint Vitas of Staffelstein and see the countryside surrounding the River Main in front of me.?? When visiting the Upper Main Valley – Coburg Region it is very easy to understand and relate to ...

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Mad Cow Disease: Advice for Expatriates and Travelers.

Published by Chris Harvey May 15, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Many expatriates, travelers, and study abroad participants wonder about the safety of beef and other products derived from cattle. Will they get Mad Cow disease from eating a hamburger or steak? What is Mad Cow Disease? Mad Cow Disease is a somewhat mysterious disease of cattle that was first recognized in ...

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The Local Medical Lingo

Published by Chris Harvey May 13, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Although there may be physicians who speak the expatriate’s native tongue in many parts of the world, it is rarer to find this facility with nurses, office staff, ambulance drivers, medical technicians, and others. It is therefore critical that expatriates are able to communicate key medical needs in the local lingo. ...

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