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A Dream of Digital Storytelling from East Africa

Published by Chris Harvey June 29, 2005 is proud to promote A Dream of Digital Storytelling from East Africa In the informal settlements or slums of Nairobi Kenya, there are vibrant communities where hundreds of thousands of people live. In these communities, young people regularly go to video shops to watch films. In these videos, youth never see images of people […]

Tips for Travelers with Kidney Stones

Published by Chris Harvey June 13, 2005

Daniel L. Watson, M.D. Any patient with a history of kidney stones–especially those who pass stones frequently–should visit their urologist before a significant trip. Ask for a prescription for pain medication (preferably one you’ve used successfully before), even if you are not currently having pain. Fill the prescription and carry the medication with you. It […]

Managing Urinary Tract Infections when Traveling

Published by Chris Harvey June 11, 2005

Daniel L. Watson, M.D. If you are a woman who suffers from frequent (more than two or three per year) urinary tract infections, here is some advice: Ask your family doctor or urologist for an antibiotic prescription before your trip. That way you will have your medication on hand if an infection occurs and thus […]

Considerations for the Pregnant Traveler

Published by Chris Harvey June 10, 2005

Matthew Rusk, M.D. Air Travel Most airlines will not allow women to fly during the last month of pregnancy. Earlier in a pregnancy, it is generally safe to fly on modern commercial aircraft that are pressurized. The pressure at cruising altitude, however, is not equal to that seen at sea level and may be a […]

Travel with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Published by Chris Harvey June 9, 2005

Matthew Rusk, M.D. With careful planning, patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) can travel safely. Altitude One of the most important problems for travelers with congestive heart failure is altitude. In general, patients whose symptoms are poorly controlled should not travel on airplanes. All patients who have congestive heart failure should first consult their doctors […]

Eating Right on the Road

Published by Chris Harvey June 5, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Business travel is often an exercise in self-control (think of Anthony Hopkins’ character in “The Remains of the Day”). Business travelers get up early, go to bed late and work hard – while tolerating flight delays and surly taxi drivers. So when do many business travelers relax? Often when they’re eating […]

Revisiting Jet Lag – Your Comments and Opinions

Published by Chris Harvey June 2, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD My column concerning jet lag seemed to be of great interest to a number of readers and I received many wonderful emails in response–thanks again to all who took the time to share their experiences. One general conclusion that your feedback suggests is that managing jet lag is extremely personal. Just […]