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Coping with Culture Shock

Published by October 21, 2005

Eliot C. Heher, MD Students’ coping skills determine the rapidity and degree of success in adjusting to their host country’s culture. To successfully adjust international students must maintain a sense of meaning to their lives, have a sense of competence, have friends and allow time for leisure activities. A sense of humor is particularly important. […]

Coping with Jet Lag During Your Time Off

Published by October 20, 2005

Chris Ott Copyright 200, RPK&A, Inc The night I arrived, I told my host brother that I’d probably wake up at four in the morning, thanks to jet lag. Actually, I woke up at two. Even if you somehow stayed in more or less the same time zone–traveling from, say, Boston to Buenos Aires–it can […]

Fear of Flying

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David Keeling Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc For many people, especially students, flying has become a fairly mundane occurrence. Routinely, we jet from home to school and back again, with side trips everywhere from Asia to Iowa. For most of us, flying means long lines, heavy luggage, and high fares, and, after a while, the actual […]

Frostbite:Tips Toward Not Getting Bitten

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David Keeling Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc Frostbite’s one of those things that other people worry about. At least, that’s the way it always seemed to me. When I was a kid, my mother was always the person worrying about it. In high school, my friends’ parents worried about it. In college… well, in college I’m […]

Study Abroad: School for Travelers

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Elizabeth Ellsworth, Ph.D. Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc “I would really like to take a semester abroad but am unsure when to do it. Is it better to wait until my last year of school to make sure I get the most out of the academic aspects of the trip, or to go earlier to break […]

Jellyfish, the Jello with Tentacles

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David Keeling Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc The first few days at the beach were fine–near perfect, even; the Atlantic, in contrast to previous years, reached and maintained swimmably warm temperatures, while a sweet sea breeze onshore beveled the dunes and cooled the streets at night. We awoke to skies marred only by the occasional mare’s […]

Surviving a Shark Attack

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David Keeling Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc According to the International Shark Attack File, out of the millions of people who took to the oceans worldwide in 1999, sharks made unprovoked attacks on only 58. That’s good news, because it reveals the rarity of such incidents. Better news-if you can call it that-is that of those […]

Cheap Sunglasses and the Naked Eye

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Chris Ott Copyright 200, RPK&A, Inc I never knowingly bought a decent pair of sunglasses. I’d lose or break one pair, and the next would come from some guy selling them on the street. If you get what you pay for, I wasn’t getting much. The problem was, I always felt vaguely nervous about it. […]

Sun Stuff

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Eric Engstrom, MPH Copyright 2000, RPK&A, Inc All right, you do the math. The SPF on that tube of sun-stuff means “sun protection factor,” and it tells you the degree to which the product in the tube is supposed to (and “supposed to” is the critical thing there) protect your skin from sunburn. An SPF […]

Treating a Sunburn

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Chris Ott Copyright 200, RPK&A, Inc I went to Costa Rica for high-minded things: the rainforest, the culture, the language. But I wasn’t completely insensible to the call of the beach. After all, I was only in the country for a couple of weeks, and back on campus it was one of those cold, wet […]