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I booked part of my vacation, but not the flight. I would like to purchase travel insurance within the pre-existing condition exclusion waiver period. Do I have to wait until the flight is booked?

Published by July 26, 2007

You can certainly purchase the travel insurance right away. You will probably want to include the cost of your airline tickets in the trip cost. If you can find out what the price of the tickets will be before purchasing them, you may include that amount in the total trip cost. If not, an estimate […]

Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get all my money back?

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We now have travel insurance policies which allow you to “cancel for any reason” and get a reduced amount refunded (75% – 90% depending on product) in the event you cancel for a non covered reason. To be eligible for these products, certain conditions must be met which include: purchasing insurance within 14 days of […]

Are there deductibles for medical benefits?

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Typically  most “Travel Protection” plans have a $0 deductible for emergency medical, however deductibles may apply on some plans.  Some policies provide “secondary” coverage and pay benefits after a primary insurance plan pays benefits. Please refer to the plan certificate for full details. “Medical Only ” plans do have deductibles, however you may select the deductible as well as the […]

What does travel protection cover?

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The insurance component of travel protection assures that you’ll be reimbursed for non-refundable financial expenses associated with a cancelled or interrupted trip, lost baggage, or medical emergencies. Exclusions may apply, depending upon the policy you purchase.

Can I buy travel protection without any trip cancellation coverage?

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Yes, you can choose a travel insurance plan that excludes coverage for cancellation, but still includes a full range of benefits to protect you during your trip, including coverage for: trip delay, medical evacuation/ repatriation, baggage and baggage delay, itinerary change and much more! Some providers will allow you to enter a trip cost of $0 which […]

Is it possible to insure the rental of a house or condo?

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All of the companies on our website will provide reimbursement of villa, condo or other rental property as long as their is a written agreement/contract between the insured and the renter. Reimbursement of your pre-paid cost will be made if the trip cancellation or interruption was caused by a peril named in the travel insurance […]

What is the latest date that travel insurance may be purchased?

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You can purchase a travel insurance policy up to the day before you travel. However, our recommendation is to purchase as soon as possible; it doesn’t cost you more and you maximize your benefits. If you wait, you always run the risk that something will happen before you buy your insurance and you won’t be […]

What is a "money back guarantee"?

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Money back guarantees are provided to allow you to decide if the travel insurance policy you purchased is right for you. Your guarantee or “free look” period can last for up to 14 days depending on the insurance company although it expires as soon as you use the policy by making a claim or reaching […]