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Travel Warning – Haiti August 31, 2007

Published by Chris Harvey August 31, 2007

United States Department of StateBureau of Consular AffairsWashington, DC 20520 August 31, 2007 This Travel Warning is being issued to remind American citizens of ongoing security concerns in Haiti, including frequent kidnappings of Americans for ransom.  Travelers are strongly advised to thoroughly consider the risks before travel to Haiti, and to take adequate precautions to […]

Are there medical conditions that are not covered by travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey August 31, 2007

Every travel insurance plan contains restrictions, limitations and exclusions.  Pre-existing medical conditions can be one of these limitations.  Please refer to the policy certificate for full details of coverage and any conditions that may apply.

What does "baggage delay" cover?

Published by Chris Harvey August 29, 2007

Most travel insurance plans include a baggage delay benefit which provides reimbursement for necessary personal effects including clothing, toiletries and  other essential items, if baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours. The amount of coverage varies by plan. Please refer to your policy certificate for full details.

Can travel insurance be purchased after I have departed for my trip?

Published by Chris Harvey August 24, 2007

Yes, travel insurance for a trip can be purchased after one has departed for the trip as long as they purchase an international medical policy. These policies can be designated by filtering a quote search for a medical deductible of $250, or a renewable policy. Cancellation insurance, however, can not be purchased once you have […]

What is "Financial Default" cover?

Published by Chris Harvey August 24, 2007

The “financial default” cover is part of the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption benefit. It protects you from loss in the unforeseen event your covered trip is cancelled due a travel supplier that goes out of business.  Most travel insurance policies which provide this cover require that you purchase the insurance within a specified number of days […]

Does Cancel For Any Reason, really mean I can cancel for any reason including changing my mind?

Published by Chris Harvey August 24, 2007

Yes, travel insurance plans that offer a “cancel for any reason”  benefit allow you to cancel for any reason not already covered by your plan provided you meet the conditions that apply. Generally the “cancel for any reason” coverage results in a reduced benefit of 75 – 90 % of your prepaid trip costs. To be eligible […]

I am travelling with a friend. Am I covered if my friend cancels his or her trip?

Published by Chris Harvey August 24, 2007

Most all travel insurance plans cover a ‘traveling companion”. If a travelling companion cancels his or her trip due to a covered reason, you are generally covered in two ways:  If you decide to take your trip, you would be covered for  “single supplement” or occupancy upgrade charges you might incur. If you decide to cancel you […]