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If I miss plane connections, and two different airlines are involved, is this covered by travel insurance?

Published by Chris Harvey November 20, 2007

The cover would depend upon the travel insurance policy selected and the reason for the missed connection. Some travel insurance policies cover missed connection while others do not. Those that provide benefits may have limits. The details of what each plan covers can be found under the Travel Delay/Missed Connection section of the policy certificate.

Travel Insured Will Not Raise Policy Prices When Cruise Lines Apply Fuel Surcharges Retroactively

Published by Chris Harvey November 13, 2007

E. Hartford, CT, Nov. 12, 2007  Travel Insured International announces it will not charge an additional premium for Travel Protection plans purchased for cruises that later attach fuel surcharges retroactively. The non-increase of premium applies to any Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector comprehensive or Post-Departure policy purchased and fully paid for before any fuel surcharges ...

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Should I buy travel insurance if my trip is within the USA?

Published by Chris Harvey November 6, 2007

If you do not need cancellation cover or if you are not flying, travel insurance is generally not needed. For travelers requiring cancellation benefits for a costly trip or those looking for peace of mind, travel insurance is worthwhile.