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Travel Warning – Haiti April 11 2008

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United States Department of StateBureau of Consular AffairsWashington, DC 20520 April 11 2008 This Travel Warning is being issued to inform American citizens of violent demonstrations in Haiti and to urge American citizens to defer non-essential travel to the country.  Official Americans are restricted from travel to Haiti.  American citizens visiting Haiti should consider departing as […]

Travel Warning – Yemen April 07 2008

Published by April 29, 2008

United States Department of StateBureau of Consular AffairsWashington, DC 20520 April 07 2008 This Travel Warning updates information on security incidents in Yemen.  On April 7, the Department of State ordered the departure from Yemen of non-emergency American employees of the U.S. Embassy and eligible family members. The Department recommends that American citizens defer non-essential travel […]

MedjetAssist: Safe Travel Defined

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This article is reproduced from the MedjetAssist website. MedjetAssist: Safe Travel Defined Unlike other evacuation services, MedjetAssist lets you decide which hospital will be your final destination. Plus, there’s no medical necessity clause. If you are hospitalized, we’ll be there to pick you up — regardless of the nature of your illness or injury. Compare […]

How do I know if my travel supplier is covered by travel insurance?

Published by April 23, 2008

Generally, travel insurance policies cover unforeseen events. Financial default often requires meeting additional conditions such as purchasing within an advantage period from the date of first deposit (usually 14 – 21 days) and most have a 14 day waiting period from the time insurance is purchased. Make sure the policy covers your travel provider. A […]

How does the CSA "no out-of-pocket" service work?

Published by April 22, 2008

If you purchased a CSA travel insurance policy and you need medical assistance while traveling or en route to trip departure, you can call CSA’s 24-Hour Assistance Hotline to get a referral within the CSA designated provider network of 30,000 physicians and 180,000 service providers worldwide. Then when you receive treatment, you simply acknowledge that […]

What is "supplier default" insurance?

Published by April 17, 2008

The supplier default benefit in travel insurance covers money you lose because of the bankruptcy of an airline, cruise line, tour operator, or other provider of travel services. Some travel insurance companies have eliminated this benefit while others pick and choose which travel suppliers they will and/or will not insure. The bankruptcy must be “unforeseen” […]