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I will be scuba diving while on vacation. Will travel insurance cover me if something should happen?

Published by Chris Harvey July 31, 2008

Some travel insurance policies exclude hazardous sports including diving while others include it with restrictions or limitations (i.e. must hold an open water dive certificate, be accompanied by a dive master and not dive deeper than 130 feet). In addition, some international travel medical policies have an optional hazardous sports rider which will cover medical […]

Travel Insured Responds to MSNBC Article Questioning Travel Insurance

Published by Chris Harvey July 30, 2008

This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International monthly newsletter. Travel Insured responded to a June 11th article on the MSNBC News Web site that posed the question, “Is Travel Insurance Worth the Extra Money?,” and then gave a negative answer. “In rare instances it is a good deal, but it often duplicates existing […]

WTP Sports Coverage Option is Vital Protection for Active Sports Vacationers

Published by Chris Harvey July 28, 2008

This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International monthly newsletter. Given the 2008 fuel cost situation, there is a good chance you have clients skipping the long driving trip this year and choosing instead to enjoy their favorite outdoor sports activity. A new Sports Coverage option, now available on all new Worldwide Trip Protector […]

Free Online Medical Records with TravelSafe

Published by Chris Harvey July 25, 2008

This article was reproduced from the TravelSafe website. Effective immediately, any traveler purchasing a TravelSafe Insurance Plan can now automatically register their medical information for free with our new Partner Global Xpi. Registering with Global Xpi (Express Patient Information) assures that your essential emergency medical information is available online to healthcare providers at anytime, anywhere […]

Travelex Supplier Restrictions as of July 24th 2008

Published by Chris Harvey July 24, 2008

Please refer to this page for information about travel insurance suppliers for which Travelex Insurance Services has restricted or eliminated coverage on the following protection plans: Travel Plus, TraveLite, Annual Multi-Trip, Flight Plus, and group programs underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company.   Travelex Insurance Services and their underwriters have made a business decision to […]

Reminder to purchase travel insurance

Published by Chris Harvey July 23, 2008

The Atlantic hurricane season is already underway with several storms named to date. It is too late to insure against named storms, but this is a good reminder for you to purchase travel insurance when you book a trip. Some of the covered reasons for trip cancellation are if the common carrier must delay departure […]

International Medical Insurance

Published by Chris Harvey

Squaremouth allows US visitors, immigrants, international students, US Visa applicants and Visa holders to compare every medical insurance product, research insurance plans, purchase and receive instant printable confirmation — all from one simple interface. Squaremouth offers specialist medical products suitable for the following: – USA work visa holders and applicants – Family members visiting relatives […]

Tropical Storm Dolly Officially Identified & Named By U.S. Weather Service on July 20, 2008

Published by Chris Harvey July 22, 2008

This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International monthly newsletter. A Tropical Storm formed in the western Caribbean Sea off the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and was identified and given the name Tropical Storm Dolly by the U.S. National Hurricane Center at 11:45 a.m. EDT on Sunday, July 20, 2008. The storm was named […]

I paid for my vacation about 2 months ago with one payment in full. Which travel insurance policies will cover me for pre-existing conditions?

Published by Chris Harvey July 18, 2008

Unfortunately, because your first payment was several months ago and you have paid for your entire trip already, you are outside of the parameters for all travel insurance policies that offer a pre-existing exclusion waiver.  Most policies require you purchase your insurance within 10 -21 days of the initial payment for your trip.  A few […]