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Does the cancel for any reason within a policy also include trip interruption for any reason?

Published by Chris Harvey August 29, 2008

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The “cancel for any reason” benefit is a pre-departure benefit with conditions which apply. You must purchase the travel insurance within an advantage period (usually 14 days from the date of first deposit or payment), insure the full trip cost and cancel 2 days or more PRIOR to yout scheduled […]

May I cancel and re-book my trip to meet the pre-existing conditions deadline?

Published by Chris Harvey August 28, 2008

The answer to this question is no. You may not cancel and re-book yout trip for the purposes of obtaining a pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.  Travel insurance policies require that the booking must be the first and only booking for the same travel destination and dates. This or similar wording is usually found in the […]

Does MedjetAssist have deductibles?

Published by Chris Harvey August 27, 2008

It is important to remember that MedjetAssist is a membership program for travelers and not a travel insurance plan or policy. So, there are no claim forms or deductibles for members to hassle with. However it is also important to remember that because we are not insurance, MedjetAssist does not reimburse members for expenses incurred that were a result […]

Will travel insurance cover me for cancellation if my cruise changes the itinerary?

Published by Chris Harvey August 26, 2008

Unfortunately, chances are if you cruise is not cancelled, you are not covered. Travel insurance covers a list of specific unforseen reasons which do no include a change in itinerary.  You may wish to purchase cover which includes “cancel for any reason“.  Some policies will provide “Missed Port of Call” coverage for nonrefundable shore excursions […]

If a medical condition is older than the look back period in a travel insurance policy, will it be considered as pre-existing?

Published by Chris Harvey August 20, 2008

No, provided there has been no treatment, medical care or symptoms during the look back period. In order for it to be considered a pre-existing medical condition it must fit the specific definition found in the policy and usually that requires care, treatment, or symptoms during the look back period to be considered pre-existing. If […]

Can I buy travel insurance that will assist me with travel related problems encountered?

Published by Chris Harvey August 19, 2008

Yes. Most all travel insurance policies provide for 24 hour assistance which can include translation services, medical and legal referrals, emergency cash advances, information about inoculations, passports, visas, replacement of eyeglasses, etc. You will have an emergency contact number that you can call collect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event […]

Is travel insurance from a specific provider always the same from state to state?

Published by Chris Harvey August 18, 2008

Not always. Be sure to read the travel insurance policy thoroughly. Not all policies are available in every state. Many policies have state amendatory riders listing additional benefits, exclusions, or revised wording for those states. Occasionally some benefits (i.e. cancel for any reason, rental car, etc). are not applicable to residents of certain states. Some […]